Health promotion
Act, prevent, advise

Occupational health problems are impacting the management of human resources more every day; that is why you are always looking for ways to reduce their associated costs. We offer a turnkey service: Workplace Health Day – a formula that brings together a variety of resources and puts them at your disposal to increase the vitality of your company and positively impact your costs.

  • General health examinations and health prevention
  • Seasonal vaccination campaigns
  • A selection of thematic conferences

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A mobile team of professionals

All of our services are carried out by a team of professionals who are invested in health promotion and dedicated to supporting and encouraging your employees. Our proactive approach provides information and motivation to people who wish to make sound decisions about their current and future health.

Personalized support

Our advisor visits your office to meet with you and gather information about your company's situation and challenges. She will outline our activities, explain how each one is carried out and establish with you what you need to hold a successful Health Day.

Full and constant support

Here are the elements included in this service:

  • Assigned account manager
  • Latest medical materials
  • Specialized nursing staff
  • Other health professionals if needed
  • Promotion of Health Day
  • Booking of appointments
  • Set up of meeting location
  • Statistical data report and professional recommendations