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The Podiatrist is the only professional dedicated to foot care

The podiatrist is a health professional little known in Quebec. However, many people, both young and old, sports enthusiasts and even the most sedentary, can profit from the expertise of a podiatrist. If you have a toothache, you see a dentist. When you have pains in your feet, you see a podiatrist. It's that simple!

What is a podiatrist ?

In Quebec, podiatrists are regulated health professionals. They treat all issues concerning the feet by means of chemical, pharmaceutical, surgical, mechanical treatments (orthotics) or through manipulation.

During your visit, the podiatrist will take time to understand your medical history making sure that all factors affecting the health of your feet are evaluated. He or she works in collaboration with your family doctor, your pharmacist, your physiotherapist and other health professionals, in order to provide the most comprehensive care.

All of our podiatrists work at the Quebec Podiatric Institute and belong to the College of Podiatrists of Quebec.

In what situation should you make an appointment with a podiatrist?

In any situation or problem related to feet, a podiatrist can help you!
For example, if you have diabetes, you should automatically consult a podiatrist once a year.
But also if you:

  • have osteoarthritis in the feet
  • have to change your orthotics
  • have pain in the heel or forefoot,
  • have bunions or hammer toes
  • have poor circulation
  • have an ingrown toenail or nail fungus

A podiatrist is the professional you should consult!

About the Quebec Podiatric Institute

Our mission is to provide the best podiatric services in the greater Montreal area. We do this by maintaining the highest level of clinical training and using the best interventions and technologies known scientifically to be effective. You don't need a doctor's referral to see our podiatrists and it's possible to get an appointment very quickly.
We always offer courteous and personalized service. Our patients are like family!
Contact us for any situation concerning your feet. We can help you, it's guaranteed!

Quebec Podiatric Institute
Physimed Office
6363 route Transcanadienne, Suite 102
Montréal, Saint-Laurent [Québec] H4T 1Z9
Telephone : 514-747-FOOT [3668]
Fax : 514-747-2229

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