Accès Services Santé personnel management

Our human resource management practices ensure that our clients are presented with professional profiles of candidates who have the skills and experience to meet their needs. We put our personnel through a rigorous selection process, perform provision of care quality control follow-ups and foster professional development and training.

Selection of personnel
Recruitment process

Our recruitment experts select nursing personnel based on a strict hiring process that guarantees competent personnel and quality services.

  • Résumé analyses:
    • training, experience, competency cards and licence to practice
  • Face-to-face interviews:
    • Pre-hiring tests
    • Criminal record checks
    • Validation of licence to practice and competency cards
    • Reference checks (minimum of 2)
    • Explanation of policies, procedures and corporate culture
  • Opening of employee file for accepted candidates

Quality of care

Quality of care is overseen by a team of consulting nurses. They advise and support our human resources in recruitment activities, personnel evaluations and training program development. They also act as contact persons in the quality assessment of clinical practices.

Continuing education

Our company makes it possible for everyone to update their knowledge and acquire new skills. We support and encourage our personnel to participate in training programs that focus on their profession.