Caring for people is at the heart of what we do

A leader in the provision, organization and management of care services, Accès Services Santé provides its clients with nursing and personal care assistance professionals. With more than 1,000 employees, we offer personalized quality services to the public healthcare network, private organizations, religious communities, businesses and individuals who wish to remain in their homes. Consult our Accès Services section to find out more.

Dedicated personnel

Our team of professionals span the province of Québec:

  • nurses
  • nursing assistants
  • personal care assistants and orderlies
  • health and social services aides
  • home assistance personnel

Our mission

Our mission consists in offering services of assistance, support and care to persons living at home as well as to private organizations and institutions part of the public healthcare network by:

  • applying rigorous quality control standards to satisfy our clients;
  • employing personnel who can meet the quality  requirements expected from healthcare services;
  • building bridges between government and privately funded healthcare services thus assisting in the continuity of services offered to the population and ensuring our company's growth while preserving its social nature and responsibility.

Our values

Here are the values that are conveyed and shared within Accès Services Santé:

  • Market intelligence and competitiveness
  • Respect
  • Professional integrity
  • Social responsibility
  • Accountability

Our vision

Striving to be a competitive, socially responsible company that is committed to its public and private clienteles.

Action-based philosophy

  • Exercising caution throughout every stage of the decision-making process
  • Placing quality services at the heart of our strategic orientations
  • Practicing equality and transparency in the management of human resources
  • Structuring company operations around common values